One day, a contractor believed he had put in enough work over the years and informed the owner of the company he was retiring. His boss was sad to see him go after all these years, but he gave his blessing, for the contractor had been a good employee. “Before you go, I wonder if you could build just one last house,” the owner requested. “As a personal favour to me,” he added.

The contractor begrudgingly agreed. He began building the house, but his heart just wasn’t in it. He gradually became less attentive, careless, slow, and sloppy, taking shortcuts whenever possible. When he finally finished, the owner arrived to inspect and thank him for his work. To the contractor’s surprise, however, his boss not only thanked him but handed him the keys. “This is your house now,” he explained. “It’s my gift to you.”

The contractor was shocked and moved, but also ashamed. He knew the home was not up to his best craftsmanship, and he felt guilty in light of the owner’s extraordinary generosity. Moreover, had he known the house would be his, he would have given it his full attention, building the most remarkable home his skills could create.

We are like the contractor, building our lives as best as we can. One day at a time, moment by moment. Every action we take, decision we make, and thought we have contributes to our life the way securing a wall, measuring every board, and pounding each nail builds a house. 

The owner represents the Universe, Source, God. At any time, we may be called to consider the life we have created and chosen for ourselves. In those moments, we may be taken aback by our life situation, “the home” in which we find ourselves. But it is the result of what we built over the years. The good news? Because we build the house, it is within our power to make it better.

Everything we do today determines what house we will live in tomorrow. So build wisely, friends. The best chance we have of having a better future is to build a better Now.

Mental Exercise:

Treat this like a self-hypnosis, meditation, or lucid dreaming. You are the creator of your reality.
Create your home.

1. Imagine a house that represents: 
–Where you are in your life
–How you are doing
–What you are feeling
How would it look? What would be its condition?

2. Notice: what parts of your house need repair, fixing, or renovating? 

3. Make those amendments in your home. Be as visionary, bold, or inventive as you like. As your house
improves, allow the improvements to be felt within you.