New Stress Relief

New Ways to Heal Old Wounds

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide an effective and transformative experience, on a therapeutic or coaching level, unique to your individual needs. You do not have to be in need of healing to enjoy or benefit from our sessions. You may simply want more inspiration, clarity or direction in your personal or professional life. Our sessions together can be a part of your path toward self-improvement, self-realization, self-love and self-empowerment.

Stress Relief

Stress can be a useful indicator to alert people of danger; however, repeated or long term stress can result in the nervous system rarely returning to a calm state, causing stress hormones to be continuously released over an extended period. New Stress Relief will help you discover therapeutic options to overcome persistent stress and signs of stress, such as anxiety, depression, irritability, and countless other physiological manifestations of stress.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Through observing speech patterns and body language, we can understand your minds perception of “reality” better. By analyzing how you process information and what “programs” are running in your mind, we gain more clarity about how you think and why you think certain thoughts. From this place of insight and knowledge, we can effectively re-program your mind for changes and behaviors that you want. Much like reprogramming and updating the software in your computer.


We utilize Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes to help you heal, change and grow in the direction that you desire. Through accessing and exploring your unconscious mind, the realm where our behaviors and core beliefs resides, real changes are possible in deep, profound and more permanent ways. We find Hypnotherapy to be a most effective approach for resolving various issues from smoking, to chronic anxiety and the stress of daily life. 

Treatment for Depression

Depression is characterized by a consistently low mood, low self-esteem and lack of interest in activities that normally bring pleasure. Ask us about our drug free, holistic approach to help treat your depression.

Mindfulness Meditations

Join Sherly for meditation every Friday at 10:30am at Unplug Meditation. Discover what it means to be truly “in the moment” and overcome emotional barriers and mental challenges in your craft and in your life.

Overcoming Fears And Phobias

Whether it’s a fear of anything from driving to flying, public speaking to crowds or spiders to needles, fear can seem overwhelming. Find out how you can set yourself free.

New Stress Relief MP3s

New Stress Relief offers a series of Self-hypnosis MP3s for personal use in between sessions. Enjoy the freedom of having your own sessions at the comfort of your home or work place.


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