During this time we often reflect on how we want our year or lives to unfold. We may call it New Year’s resolutions, intentions, or life goals. And often, at the end of the year, we reflect on how many, or how little of these we actually manage to accomplish.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent of us succeed in achieving our goals. If you find yourself outside of the 8 percent, perhaps it’s time to explore how you’re feeling and thinking while making them.

Whatever it is you want to manifest, know that you are more likely to attract them to yourself from a place of wholeness and contentment rather than from a place of “need.” When we need something, we align with a sense of desperation, which comes from a place of fear. This can place our focus and attention on what we lack rather than on what we want. Remember that “like attracts like,” so to manifest from this space of lack and fear can also attract more of the things that align with those thoughts and feelings. Then we may wonder why we’re not getting what we want.

This is why it’s important to come from a space of contentment and wholeness while manifesting. We are declaring that we already have it, on some level. Quantum physicists believe that if we can see it, it already exists in our world of unlimited possibilities – we just need to align with it. We don’t need it but are open and ready to align with it. We can even be grateful for what we already have and hold space for more of the things we want.

This works much more effectively than the standard New Year’s resolutions which inevitably disappointment us. And, coming from a place of contentment has a dual benefit, you get to feel good while you are manifesting and feel good again as they come to fruition. Don’t you feel better already?

This post was originally published on New Stress Relief’s website.