At this particular time in our history, it is paramount to remember that we are all connected.

A lot of us have heard this and may understand it conceptually, but we don’t always remember or feel this to be true. This is largely because the external world coveys the opposite message. It encourages us to achieve, win, to be “beat the competition” and promotes division in other ways. We also have social media that brings attention to what other people have and potentially, what we don’t have. Not to mention our personal experience with our family, relatives and peers potentially supporting comparisons and encouraging the illusion of division.

It’s time to awake up from that dream. We are stronger, kinder, more loving and more empowered when we remember our connection to one another. The alternative breeds contempt, isolation, jealousy, resentment and fears. And it is simply not true.

We are not separate beings, connected only by our genetics. This has been scientifically accepted and proven in the field of physics and Quantum physics. In fact, science continues to provide evidence of what spiritual teachers have known and asserted for thousands of years—we are all connected in more ways than our physiology. This is known as “entanglement theory” or “non-locality” in quantum physics. Scientific evidence reveal that if coupled energy patterns are spatially separated, they still remain connected. In other words, if an entangled pair or group of particles become physically separated, they still continue to function as if they are still physically together.

We are made up of these particles. Therefore, it makes sense that the entanglement phenomena would extend to human beings. This is something we can embrace for the advancement and evolution of the human species. Alone, we are like a drop of water wandering around, trying to find our home or where we belong. Together, we are like the ocean—we can be as serene as we want or as powerful as a tsunami, and beyond.

One of the ways we can access this sense of connection and truth is through meditation or anything else that brings us peace and quiets the mind. When we’re not repeating and healing from our past or trying to control a future, we allow ourselves to be in the moment. To be completely present in the moment allows us to feel more connected to ourselves.

When we’re more connected with ourselves, we can then begin to feel more connected to everyone and everything else. To feel connected has been proven to be an essential component for our happiness. We can then move forward in united, compassionate, happier and more powerful ways.

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This article was originally published on HuffPost on October 11, 2016.