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    These People Have Changed Their Lives

    I’m a TV Producer of almost 20 years, but I worked as an actor for ten years through out my 20’s, and for me the mindfulness practice I cultivated as a young woman has given me the tools to navigate the entertainment industry and remain present and open to what ever comes my way. With Sherly’s guidance through this powerful workshop I was able to deepen that practice. Sherly’s experience as a healing Practitioner and her desire to offer a clear and simple practice to Actors and Artist on their journey is obviously genuine and born of years of experience running a thriving practice. I felt safe and secure in her hands.

    Daniella D’Angelo (TV Producer/ Writer) – Los Angeles, USA

    I can’t thank you enough for your kind, thoughtful, patient, insightful and magical approach to helping me overcome issues that plagued me my entire life.

    V.M. — Writer, Los Angeles

    I’ve had perhaps 10 sessions with Sherly and each one has done something positive for me. Our sessions have been incredibly transformative. Sherly is caring, insightful, friendly, and intelligent. The sessions have been helpful on multiple levels, since we talk about my issues, practice relaxation, and do hypnotherapy.

    J.G. Artist – Los Angeles, USA

    The meditation really helped me examine events/emotions. Def feels like I grew there. I’m so impressed I got into a deep trance! I feel amazing!


    Nancy Xu (IT – Film Industry) – Seattle, USA

    Within just a few sessions I had completely stopped all alcohol consumption. This was possible by focusing on what is universally understood to be beneficial for every person. All this was done with wisdom, care and tenderness.

    S.M. Attorney – Los Angeles, USA
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